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‘A Monk Who Trades’ started out as a tool to reach out to MCX's customers and stakeholders about the Dos, Don’ts and everything in between about exchanges and their functions.

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The biggest challenge was to pick up subjects that were technical and informational in nature, and present them in a manner that would appeal to a much larger audience base.The idea was to make it educational without being academic. And what better way to do that, than with a little humour thrown in.

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We wrapped the message we wanted to convey in situations that weren’t just relatable but also entertaining. And thus, a new comic strip was born.In a highly regulated category that has a reputation of all work and no play, the comic strip was received exceptionally well. 

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The Monk

The one with all* the answers. The Voice of Reason in this extremely eventful and chaos-ridden world.*Conditions apply

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The Dude

This guy puts the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional. He has made a habit of being at the wrong place, at exactly the wrong time.

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If it had a name, it’d have been Snarky. A not-so-silent observer who has more than his two cents to offer on the goings-on around him.

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With a successful run of about 24 months across leading business dailies like Economic Times, The Hindu Business Line and Financial Express, it  received a lot of praise from readers as well as industry watchers.

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